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Appztil3b90ltkpdt5vdqhi3bu 1x1 – Pilot

An arrogant big-shot defense attorney is guilt-ridden after the client he just helped get off commits another murder, so he decides to become a prosecutor.

Jbzmglhm6gvurf4vggwer8yjzc9 1x2 – LAPD Blue

Stark prosecutes a drug dealer accused of killing an undercover police officer. However, the defense attorney in the case once worked for Stark's old law firm but was fired.

1nsn6a4tafo6qhxgqigipcqwky5 1x3 – Dr. Feelbad

The office prosecutes a prominent doctor accused of killing his wife. However, the case rides on the testimony of his young son, who may be afraid to tell the truth and convict his dad.

Eshazdrcrseymam498xxwdfqwhb 1x4 – Russo

When the prosecutors' evidence in a murder trial is ruled inadmissible, they are forced to turn to the testimony of an unscrupulous private investigator--a man who has an uneasy past with Stark from his days as a defense attorney.

Wyck7te42nqpyypuxyrhersevu6 1x5 – In the Grasp

A rape case against three star college football players is in jeopardy of falling apart when the victim admits that she had consensual sex with one of them on the same day as the incident.

G47gydjfvd81fh6cmycjicispz 1x6 – Fashion Police

The office is told to go after a sweat shop owner after an electrical fire kills four people. But since Martin feels so strongly about the case, they instead go after the clothing manufacturer that hired him.

Kaqoe8obcoela0zp5ofygpg0mtv 1x7 – Déjà Vu All Over Again

Stark wants to try a suspect in a child murder for a similar murder from 15 years ago. He lost the original case as a defense attorney, and has always believed his original client was innocent.

Jzuyozje1z1tegxel4khwgtlok4 1x8 – Love Triangle

The office prosecutes a white teenage girl for the hit-and-run death of an African American girl who was involved with her boyfriend.

Usya5ddwqs6jlumwukmiuqgvcrt 1x9 – Dial M for Monica

Stark prosecutes an expensive Hollywood madam for ordering a hit on one of her former prostitutes, and she responds by releasing a book of her clients which includes his name.

U4kq1hyvqysg1z0x0ymo9kjfixx 1x10 – Sins of the Mother

An L.A. socialite goes on trial for killing an ex-con, and Stark's investigation reveals some shocking information about the woman's past and true identity.

K0bvieohvliep943natenkmdyuh 1x11 – The Wrath of Khan

Stark and Devlin butt heads with the Feds over jurisdiction of an arms dealer's case, but with cops dead and hostages, Stark takes matters into his own hands.

Mvykpzwerxbrvcwy0ipawvryoh1 1x12 – Wayne's World

Shark goes up against a serial killer, but the conviction may not be as easy as he thinks and may put his daughter in danger.

Ahdqqbscn9zbhwzsft1bgbnrvoy 1x13 – Teacher's Pet

Stark tries to get back on his feet after losing his first case as a prosecutor by going after a prep school art teacher who may have been having inappropriate relations with the son of a murder victim.

7yi4x1s8msdpoa336avwmcdgdim 1x14 – Starlet Fever

A teen actress is killed after another car runs hers off the road, and her agent/legal guardian becomes the prime murder suspect.

Wal1idnzc5aevnlym4bp9tzdtoi 1x15 – Here Comes the Judge

Stark takes on a judge accused of murdering his wife, but he has an adversarial history with Stark and a secret to hide from the investigation.

Pomosxe9vhr6ocftvuxnahi7oh0 1x16 – Blind Trust

A good friend of Sebastian asks him a huge favor when an intern from his company is found dead.

Jwxms9elsoscvwg3u43e2njddyq 1x17 – Backfire

The DA's office investigates a police shooting involving a drug dealer. The case could potentially set off a racial powder keg, and Stark suspects a cover-up when the police officers involved keep changing their stories.

5l14egwiijnucsz5lsagyjne0af 1x18 – Trial by Fire

When Stark and Raina are taken hostage in the midst of a death-penalty trial, even his smoothest moves are countered by a criminal who seems to have more influence over the kidnapper than he does.

Kgcumovnwjjme8l5jur9pi7kcf7 1x19 – Porn Free

Stark has to prosecute the owner of a women's shelter accused of killing an unscrupulous, despicable porn producer. Based on the evidence, Stark works on the theory that the two men may have been in business together.

Lzonxkvxehwl00dqw6ce4jml1l4 1x20 – Fall from Grace

Stark goes up against an old protégée when he prosecutes two mob-types for the murder of a university professor, and she seems to have the inside scoop when it comes to the goings-on in the DA's office.

Lwo9kzfu8ppiqxypdanbzisfcgd 1x21 – Strange Bedfellows

Stark goes after a single man who may have abducted a young boy who has been living with him for several years. But the boy doesn't want to be back with his parents, and there may be signs of abuse.

Wsfpkmfmwe6fyjbuyajo2psd0s9 1x22 – Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark

Stark gets a second opportunity to prosecute Wayne Callison for murder, but his stubborn determination to get a conviction no matter what gets him forcibly removed from the case.

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