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1x0 – The Barbary Coast

A government agent and a casino owner in San Francisco join together to expose an extortion scheme cooked up by a Confederate Army officer.

1x1 – Funny Money

Jeff's plan to find a stash of counterfeit money goes sour when the counterfeiter is killed. His solution is to enter a reluctant Cash in a high-stakes poker game.

1x2 – Crazy Cats

When a pair of jade cat statues are stolen, Jeff Cable goes undercover as a mercenary reporter to recover them, and it's up to Cash Conover to see that his friend survives the experience.

1x3 – Jesse Who?

When Jesse James comes out of retirement to rob a bank, Jeff Cable is determined to arrest him. He enlists Cash to help him infiltrate the James Gang, unaware that their robberies are planned by a beautiful woman.

1x4 – The Ballad of Redwing Jail

To recover stolen money stashed in a jail cell, Jeff masquerades as a crook and has himself arrested. A jail break interrupts his search, and it's up to Cash to save his friend from a gang of outlaws before an old flame blows Jeff's cover.

1x5 – Guns for a Queen

When a load of rifles is hijacked, Cable has Cash put out the word that he know an interested buyer: Jeff in disguise. The plan is complicated by the arrival of a girl from both their pasts, who, with her new husband, is seeking to buy the guns herself for a proposed revolution in Tahiti.

1x6 – Irish Luck

To stop an assassination, Jeff stages an elaborate con to trick an Irish saloon-keeper into thinking he is accused of murdering his business partner.

1x7 – Sauce for the Goose

Cable disguises as a gypsy with a gift for prophecy to goad crooked gambler Austin Benedict into a poker game with Cash, Benedict's diary wagered against the Golden Gate, winner take all.

1x8 – An Iron-Clad Plan

When the plans for a submarine are stolen, Cable is sure the thief is a powerful racketeer who is trying to shut down the Golden Gate. A disguised Jeff enters the bidding for the plans while Cash tries to steal them back.

1x9 – Arson and Old Lace

Fishermen on the Barbary Coast are paying protection money to The Shark, though no one seems to know who he is. Cable eyes a handful of suspects, arranging a boxing match to smoke out the Shark...a match that pits the champion against Cash.

1x10 – Sharks Eat Sharks

While Cable has his eye on a pair of swindlers and their phony diamond mine, Cash must deal with the local protection racket. Jeff suggests combining forces, and Cash reluctantly agrees.

1x11 – The Day Cable Was Hanged

Cable is at first convinced he has captured John Wilkes Booth. But a series of events has him suspicious about his prisoner's true identity.

1x12 – Mary Had More Than a Little

Two investigations overlap as Cash's customers are being robbed by the daughter of an old friend, while Jeff investigates a gang out to rob the vault of a local shipping company.

1x13 – The Dawson Marker

Jeff is on the trail of stolen gold about to be claimed by the heirs to the original thieves, each of whom has a marker that will unlock the secret location of the treasure.

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