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85maxqlyw7di0s1opfjwcjus364 1x1 – Pilot

In near-future Los Angeles, Will Bowman attempts a daring rescue. His wife Katie tries to help a relative in need. A job opportunity threatens to divide the family.

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Bnhnwbjppco6lzsqfhubiculdq 1x2 – A Brave New World

Will's new mission is to find the guy behind the explosion. Madeline encounters an old friend. Will and Katie help out the family of a mutual friend. Katie's actions put Will's job at risk.

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Baudbfog8mokkbrm5v4cd2tsnyw 1x3 – 98 Seconds

Katie's first mission leads her to question her commitment to the cause. Will's hunt for Geronimo draws him into the Resistance's crosshairs. Bram's girlfriend needs him to keep a secret.

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9cncgm31ap4k9id4vsf3jqr0up5 1x4 – Blind Spot

Will earns the respect of his new colleagues. A Resistance attack comes to the home front and brings the Bowman family together. Katie gets to know Will's team. Maddie finds a new job that makes the most of her talents.

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8cdk9q7tlwddopfkoacljvaa9nu 1x5 – Geronimo

Geronimo's identity is revealed. Will begins to question his wife's loyalties. Katie struggles with the weight of her choices. Bram finds his way into a secret world. Snyder sees an opporunity to improve his standing in the colony.

Fsumal0ist4u74qrta6orcuj9mt 1x6 – Yoknapatawpha

Will and Snyder take shelter in the Yonk after they are ambushed, and Katie struggles with where her loyalties really lie.

8j29dknxfhox8uarkvhtd39zx7l 1x7 – Broussard

The series begins less than a year after the beginning of the Occupation. The Bowmans seek their middle child (younger son), Charlie, who was separated from them during the Arrival, while they try to survive with meager resources in a changed world that is constantly dangerous despite its urban veneer of order. Will is forced to work for the Redhats to hunt down the Resistance, or his family will be sent to the Factory. Katie, who is (unbeknownst to Will) a member of the Resistance, now has an inside source in Will.

3yld5kj27duinigwifyzmd74a80 1x8 – In From the Cold

A high-ranking member of the Resistance arrives; Katie gets a second chance; Bram proposes a risky journey.

7nrvycp4cfvcjvhhmyrgurlhxyd 1x9 – Zero Day

Will wants to remove the family from the occupation; Snyder tries to protect his office.

Jxfn3tgsxqzge3ecukeez1nexye 1x10 – Gateway

After a high-value hostage is kidnapped by the Resistance, the Los Angeles block is placed on lockdown. Season Finale.

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