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1x1 – Quand on arrive en ville

A young woman is found hung in the forest and Laurene and her team try to solve the case while welcoming the new prosecutor. There's more to solve: the disappearance of the mayor's daughter, and Laurenes own kidnapping 20 years ago.

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1x2 – A quoi rêvent les loups

In the forest, Laurène stumbles upon a wolf, seemingly guarding a baby in a cardboard box, and she sets out to find the baby's parents. Meanwhile, memories of her past ordeal start surfacing.

1x3 – En abyme

An amateur caver returns traumatized from a labyrinth of caves, claiming to have lost his girlfriend down there, but there's no trace of her. Meanwhile Cora suspects an activist group was involved in kidnapping the mayor's daughter.

1x4 – Nous n'irons plus au bois

A phone is found with a video showing a group of terrified young people in the forest and Laurène and her team find one of the youngsters dead. Laurène also tries to take stock of her complicated relationship with mayor Bertrand.

1x5 – Le bout de la route

The whole town is in shock after 4 strangers attack Sabine's bar. Laurene tries to find them and discover what they are after. Cora and the Children of Arduinna try to find out what the trucks in the forest at night are up to.

1x6 – Sombres héros

A woman commits suicide the same day that her husband is awarded a medal of bravery for rescuing a child from a burning car, but Laurene suspects that he is not the hero everyone thinks he is.

1x7 – Le secret derrière la fenêtre

The father of a child with a mental disability is found dead at his farm. We're concerned for the boy's future at the same time as we seek his father's killer, but Laurène is troubled because the prosecutor Siriani has arrested Bertrand.

1x8 – La fin n'est que le commencement

The investigation into the disappearance of the Mayor's daughter advances with the discovery of her body in the middle of a bizarrely staged location. While Bertrand loses control and seeks vengeance, Laurène finally gets close to the invisible enemy that she's been tracking for many years.

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